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Most Network Marketers want big incomes — But never get them


90% of new Network Marketers never make any money — not even ONE DOLLAR. And only 1% ever make the kind of money they thought they would.

Their company gave them a great website with a contact management system and lots of tools. And still not enough people are buying to even cover their auto-ship.

Why doesn't Network Marketing work for them?



  • They followed the advice of their sponsor and upline.
  • They talked to their family and friends, and everyone on the list of 50 people their sponsor told them to make when they joined.
  • Some joined but then never really did anything.
  • Most dropped out within 3 months after joining.

That's the result of "push" recruiting. It means the idea that if you recruit enough people you will succeed. Finally you will get that One in a Hundred that will actually work to succeed. But if you have a binary compensation plan it means you will recruit 200 to get one producer in both legs.


Some sponsors are having a lot of success using Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, but confess that these were long-term strategies that they started after they were making enough money to be able to wait while their prospects worked their way through the process. They usually go back to the more conventional methods when they need immediate results.


Work Smarter Instead Of Harder

Most of us run out of "warm market" very quickly. Many have no appetite for trying to profit off our family and friends. Good friends and family members might join just because it was US that asked, and they did not want to hurt us with a rejection.

When things don't work out they may feel that we took advantage of them. When "warm market" turns cold it can be very cold. Don't make enemies out of your friends. There are better ways.

So, then — what do you do when you run out of warm market?

Think like a business owner. Business owners recruit people that have experience doing what the job requires. They don't hire relatives unless the relative is the best person for the job. Until the company is running smoothly and profitably they don't take the risk of trying to train inexperienced workers.

Business owners know that if they want to recruit experienced people that know how to do the work, they must look where there are many people with that kind of experience.

They know that most will be happy where they are and will not be interested in the new opportunity. That's OK because they don't need all of them. Just enough to get their job done.

Pharmaceutical companies hire people with experience in pharmaceutical companies. Retail stores hire people from retail companies. Hospitals hire people from other hospitals.

Recruit Where There Are People Experienced in YOUR Business



Millionaire Network Marketers hire Network Marketing experience. Experienced Network Marketers are found in Network Marketing companies. Maybe you have heard that it is unethical to "steal" associates from other companies.

Nothing could be more ridiculous. We are talking about people! Human Beings who are born free and remain free all their lives. They are free to work wherever, and with whomever they choose.



When a Network Marketing leader adds a new income stream by joining another company they bring as many of their downline as they can into the new business. They didn't steal anyone. They just shared a new opportunity.

Why it makes sense to recruit Network Marketers

  • It Makes sense because it makes Dollars and Cents in greater amounts than other recruiting methods.
  • When they bring their downline into your business your down line takes a quantum leap. Your commissionable product balance expands Geometrically.
  • Your leadership and team bonuses grow. Your Rank Advancement can jump several levels opening new bonus opportunities for you.
  • You don't have to spend valuable time, energy, and motivation explaining how Network Marketing works. They already know.
  • They already know it is not a "Pyramid Scheme." Your training time is cut to a fraction of what it takes to train a newbie.
  • You know they are success oriented and have experience recruiting, motivating, and training their downline. Your training time is minimal.
  • They are an added asset and not an added responsibility. When you combine their talents with your own you dramatically increase the power of your organization.


Once a Networker always a Networker. The entrepreneurial drive that motivates someone to join their first Network Marketing company never dies. Some may take a break now and then, but when the right opportunity comes along they will get right back in. That's why Genealogy Lists never get outdated.

These four lists were purchased as a market for our training products and they have far more value to active Network Marketers. We are offering them at prices significantly lower than list brokers are selling them.

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Each of these rosters contain some of the industries top earners, career Network Marketers who are always open to hearing about an opportunity that stands out. If you are marketing a company that has unique appeal for the general market these will be a lucrative source for growing your downline and your product commissions.



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